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"I don’t think that our age really has that much to do with it, Either it’s good music or it’s not. There isn’t any chart category for rock and rock bands made up of musicians in their teens, is there? I don’t hear anyone going, ‘Hey, that’s really good — for a 25-year-old.’ The fans aren’t going to spend their money on music that they don’t like no matter who’s making it or how old you may be." - Daniel Johns ❤️

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Foto rara do Kurt, recém divulgada, sem muitas informações provavelmente tirada em 1992

 “When I joined Nirvana I was the fifth or sixth drummer — I don’t know if they’d ever had a drummer they were totally happy with… Krist [Novoselic] and Kurt had a legendary lifetime connection. Those guys were soulmates. They’d been through so much together, from Aberdeen to the success of ‘Nevermind’… They were the kind of friends that didn’t have to talk to each other — they just knew. I never really shared that moment with them because I came from such a different place, and within eight months to a year of being in Nirvana, the band blew up into something that no one had expected. It was hard to connect with anybody when that happened… There were times when Kurt was really unhappy with the way I played drums. I could hear him talking about how much he thought I sucked. But he’d never say it to me. If I’d confront him about it — 'Is there a problem? If you want me to leave, just ask' — he’d say, ‘No, no, no.’ Most of that happened later, around ‘In Utero’. That’s when I think Kurt became unhappy with what was happening with the band… Only two times did I get any reassurance from Kurt. Once when I joined the band in 1990, we were drunk at some disco in England, and Kurt came up and said, 'I'm so glad you're in this band. I'm so glad you're down-to-earth.' I was like, 'Wow!' The next time was in late ‘93 or early ‘94 when I came home and turned on my message machine and had a message from Kurt that said, 'Y'know, I was just sitting here listening to 'In Utero', and your drumming is so awesome. You did such a great job!' I was like, 'Wow!' Those two things were spread out by about four years [laughs].” - Dave Grohl


Idk I think feminism should be called something different like common sense or something

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01/04/94 - Pacific National Exhibition Forum, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Based on my posts, leave in my ask 5 things you’ve learned about me.

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Nirvana Live 1988
can we all take a second to notice Krist playing in his underwear 

Very hard to drink.

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